TMCD team completes 300-firm survey in Tanzania on knowledge transfer through managerial capabilities

Building on experience researching firm-level innovation in Ghana, the DILIC Project in collaboration with the new MNEmerge team has completed a survey in Tanzania. The research team surveyed 300 firms in order to better understand the sources and channels of innovation for small and medium local firms in Tanzania, focusing on knowledge transfer through managerial capabilities, and examining the effects of these changes on poverty reduction.

Specifically, the survey gathered information about multinational enterprises focusing on their innovation activities in areas such as human resources, process implementation, cost management, marketing, and use of information technology. It also examined both international and domestic sources of innovation including linkages to other firms, universities, and government institutions, and both the impacts and limitations to innovation.

This incorporated questions from DILIC’s and MNEmerge’s previous surveys, and was conducted in collaboration with STIPRO, a local partner who assisted with data collection.

The broad scope of this survey should be fruitful as a basis for future analysis on a wide variety of innovation-related topics.