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Under the visionary leadership of Prof Xiaolan Fu, the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) is seeking to provide a firm foundation to sustain – and expand – its vital mission. With the wise counsel and generous support of committed friends and partners, the Centre will build upon its existing strengths with initiatives in three key areas:

Academic Posts

Oxford’s world-renowned community of scholars and scientists offers unmatched expertise and inspiration in its teaching and research. The Centre’s academics will engage widely and deeply across the University’s divisions and colleges, maximising opportunities for collaborative research. To this end, we are seeking support for existing posts, and the endowment of new chairs, fellowships, lectureships and other posts, including visiting fellows drawn from the world’s top scholars in the field.

Research Programmes

Oxford is renowned for its research excellence across almost every field of intellectual and scientific endeavour. It is the largest recipient of research grant income in the UK, and one of the largest in the world. Drawing on these peerless strengths, the Centre is establishing itself as a world-leading centre for rigorous, independent, trustworthy research on development economics. Academic freedom has long been the University’s hallmark: the ability to address issues – no matter how contentious – without fear or favour, with no holds barred. This is of particular importance in the field of development studies, which is so often the focus of controversy and competing economic and political interests.

Funding for new programmes would allow the Centre to expand into further areas of study, facilitating new cross-fertilisations of ideas, policies and data. Support is also sought for the continuation of important existing projects, and essential research assistance.


Talented graduate students are an invaluable part of Oxford’s academic enterprise. Many graduate students act as valued collaborators with their academic mentors, helping generate new insights, new breakthroughs and new understandings. They often go on to become leaders in their fields – even leaders of nations. Oxford is proud to be one of the world’s top academic training grounds, producing one of the highest numbers of doctorates in the world.

The TMCD seeks to bring top-ranked scholars from around the world, with no barriers of geography, financial hardship or social status to stand in their way. Thus a programme of scholarships to support students during their time at Oxford is an essential element of the Centre’s mission.”

Please contact Prof Xiaolan Fu to make a regular or one-off gift to TMCD. For further enquiries about our support page please cantact:

Head of Development – Social Sciences
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Prof Xiaolan Fu
Technology and Management Centre for Development Director
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