TMCD Newsletter - OCTOBER 2017

A newsletter of the Technology & Management Centre for Development at Oxford University
Calculating the value of technology start-ups

Professor Xiaolan Fu and Dr Shaomeng Li in collaboration with Mr Chao Ai of Huawei Technologies have developed a novel way of determining the value of new technologies in the information and communications sector, filling a significant gap in existing methods and potentially creating a decision-making tool for investors. The paper has won a‘Best Paper Award’at the 2017 EURAM annual conference. Find out more
TMCD and CID of CAS sign a MoU

On the 7th of June 2017, Technology and Management Centre for Development and Center for Innovation and Development of Chinese Academy of Science signed a Memorandum of Understanding to reaffirm the two institutions collaboration. Find out more here.

Congratulations to Carmen Contreras Romero, Cintia Kulzer Sacilotto and Jieun Choi for successfully defending their DPhil thesis. Samuel Galler has recently submitted his DPhil thesis, he is currently waiting for viva.

Professor Xiaolan Fu spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York

Professor Xiaolan Fu gave a talk on the Emerging Frontiers - Evolving STI Developments with Implications for SDGs at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Find out more
ESRC-DFID DEGRP publishes deep case study of the DILIC project led by TMCD

case studies probe the impact of these DEGRP research projects, diving deeper than previous reports to analyse how and to what extent their findings have been taken up in policy and practice

Prof Fu co-authored paper won 2017 JCEBS "Best paper award"

The Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies is a journal aiming to publish current and relevant findings from cutting edge research in Chinese economic, business and related issues.

Prof Fu Co-edits Oxford Handbook of Innovation in China

Professor Xiaolan Fu, Professor Jin Chen and Professor Bruce Mckern will co-edit the handbook entitled the Handbook of Innovation in China. Oxford University Press will publish this book. OUP has offices in 50 countries, and is the largest university press in the world.
4iP Council interviews Xiaolan Fu

4iP Council represents leading technology inventors in Europe who believe that intellectual property rights enable innovation and increase social and economic welfare. 4iP Council interviewed Professor Xiaolan Fu on 12 April 2017. Find out more here.

Welcomes and Goodbyes

TMCD bids goodbye to our Project Coordinator: Olanshile Akintola. We are delighted to welcome our new visiting fellow: Professor Xiaoqiang Xing; new Research Assistant, Pu Yan and Diana Beltekian.
Fu, X., Mohnen, P. and Zanello, G. (2017) 'Innovation and productivity in formal and informal firms in Ghana', Technological Forecasting & Social Change.
Fu, X., Hou, J. and Liu, X. (2017) 'Unpacking the relationship between outward direct investment and innovation performance: evidence from Chinese firms', World Development
Chen, K., Kou, M. and Fu, X, (2017) 'Evaluation of multi-period regional R&D efficiency: An application of dynamic DEA to China's regional R&D systems', Omega 
Ning, L., Sutherland, D. and Fu, X. (2017) 'Local context and innovation in China'Asian Business and Management, 16 (3) 117-29
Ghauri, P. N.,  Fu, X. and Väätänen, J. (eds) (2017) 'Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development', Emerald
TMCD members speak at BAM 31st Annual Conference on 5th-7th September, 2017; EURAM conference on 21-24 June, 2017; CBBC workshop on IP management and technology transfer in UK universities; INET meeting on 'commission for global economic transformation'; SDSN network meeting at the T20 meeting in Berlin; ILO 'Future of Work' high level forum.
TMCD will host the China-UK Innovation Cooperation Forum on 6th December 2017
This is a one-day high level forum co-organised by the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) of Oxford University, Innovate UK, China-Britain Business Council, Institute of Sciences and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED) of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China. It aims to provide a platform for top policy makers, academics and business leaders in both countries to exchange views on the most recent development in science, technology and innovation, its impact on economic and social development, and important issues in policy to address challenges together and foster UK-China innovation cooperation.
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