Statement on TMCD and the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic and the resultant global lockdown has caused serious disruptions to the way we live and organise life. One of its obvious impact has been in the areas of economic production and coordination, the shutdown of travel and  economic activities between and within countries has had dire implications on the operations of local, regional and global value chains. With each passing day, we see the effects of these measures on jobs, incomes, food supply and the stability of the global economy.

At TMCD, our researchers continue to analyse the impact of these disruptions on the operations of Global Value Chains (GVCs) on the global economy to enable us make sense of its implications and its policy implications - you can find our recent publications here and here. In addition to knowledge production, we are also working with our partners in China to donate personal protective equipment to frontline workers in the UK National Health Service (NHS) and our partner countries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Even though the overall implications of this pandemic on our world is not yet fully apparent, moments like this provide us with the opportunity to reflect on the role of technology, innovation and industrialisation in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges. Whilst our office remains closed till further notice, technology has ensured that TMCD continues to operate under these circumstances. Therefore, if you have any inquiries, please contact our Project coordinator at or

Please find a list of our publications on the coronavirus pandemic below:

1.                    Oxford scholar sees COVID-19 pandemic as "wake-up call for collaboration

2.                    Xinhua Net interviews Prof Xiaolan Fu on the impact of Corona Virus on the Chinese economy

3.           The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on GVCs and the Chinese economy.

Also see here the statement issued by the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) on the Coronavirus pandemic.