Publication of new Monograph on 'Multinationals, Local Capacity Building and Development'

TMCD Centre Director, Professor Xiaolan Fu has published a new monograph alongside George Essegby and Godfred Frempong. Entitled 'Multinationals, Local Capacity Building and Development: The Role of Chinese and European MNEs', the book presents an extensive analysis of MNEs in Africa, taking Ghana as a case study, and broaching subject matter previously unaddressed in the field. Looking at MNEs impacts – both positive and negative – this book examines skill transfer from foreign management to local workers, the impact of MNEs on the improvement of local production capabilities, as well as their contributions to sustainable development goals.



In particular, the authors explore the impact MNEs are having on the development of local capabilities, the contribution of MNEs to sustainable development goals, and the benefits and drawbacks of foreign direct investment in Ghana. The roles of work and social networks, and the differences between European and Chinese MNEs, subjects which are previously unaddressed in the field are exposed in depth within the monograph.

Find out more about the book at Edward Elgar Publishing's page here.