Policy dynamics and institutional dysfunctions in public agricultural research and innovation (Essegbey, G.O., Sakyi-Dawson, O., Fuseini, M., & Boadu, P.)


Ghana’s agricultural policies in recent years have emphasized technology development objectives to the neglect of addressing the conditions surrounding the actors in the sector. In this paper we analyse some of the technologies generated within the current socio-technical regime and impacts with the view to considering options for improving on public agricultural research. The paper underscores the need for a more systemic changes in the approach to innovation in agricultural sector and the need for policy change towards this . Research and development must be dovetailed with a drive for entrepreneurship that engages critical actors for business and inclusive growth. Besides, public agricultural R&D needs policy realism that sets targets, which take account of the context of innovation. The paper calls for a new thinking – a new philosophy – that stimulates new sources of motivation for exploiting the potential of public agricultural R&D for national development.

Working Paper