The Impact of China's Exports on Global Manufactures Prices (Xiaolan Fu, Raphael Kaplinsky and Jing Zhang)


This paper analyses the impact of China’s exports on the prices of exports from other countries using disaggregated import data in the US, EU and Japan over the 1989-2006 period. Findings from this study suggest that China’s exports have affected not just those countries whose competitiveness is largely based on low wages but all country groups in certain products sectors, destination markets and during different time periods. The middle income countries are the most affected by China’s export expansion through price competition particularly after the late 1990s as a consequence of China’s market expansion, its WTO entry and exchange rate variation. The influence on high-income countries is only in low-technology product sectors and appears to lose its significance in the post-1997 period. The impact on low-income countries is only significant in the medium- and high-tech sectors mostly in the pre-1997 period and this effect weakened over time.

Working Paper