Yao Ouyang

Yao Ouyang, distinguished professor in school of economics of Shanghai University, is a Director of Large Country Economy Research Center and the chairman of the 19th International Schumpeter Society. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Hunan University and successively worked as a senior visiting scholar at the University of Oxford China Centre, the Department of Economics of Harvard University and Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). He is the chairman of the 19th International Schumpeter Society and vice President of China Business Economics Association. He has been selected as a national leader in philosophy and social science, national culture authority and an expert with special government allowances from the State Council.

He has published more than 100 papers in journals such as Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal, Management World and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. His representative works include A Theory of Economic Development of Large Countries(China Renmin University Press, Chinese Version), Comprehensive Advantages of Large Countries(Springer Publishing Company, English version),Growth and Transformation of Emerging Powers(Macmillan Publishing Company, English version), Large Countries’ Development Path: Experience and Theory(Springer Publishing Company, English version) and Development of Economics of Large Countries(Peter Lang Publishing Inc., English version).

He has successively proposed endogenous capacity of large country, comprehensive advantages of large country, market size trap of technological innovation of emerging large country and the multi-polar flying geese pattern of the global economic system, which made a great contribution to the research in economic development of large country. He won the first prize of Humanities and Social Sciences Famous Achievement Award in China Higher Institution, Zhang Peigang Development Economics Outstanding Achievement Award and the World Political Economy Outstanding Achievement Award.

Senior Research Associate