Ludovic Arnaud

Ludovic Arnaud is an incoming DPhil student in International Development with QEH and the TMCD. His research topic poses the question if Mexico can attract high-quality FDI in its green technology industry? It will comparatively analyse industrial clusters in Barcelona and Mexico City. He was inspired to work on this topic through experiences studying abroad in Mexico/Spain and an interest for the last 4 years in industrial policy and innovation, first at King's College London studying PPE and then at the University of Cambridge reading Development Studies.

With Latin American countries having considerable potential to draw from their rich biodiversity to develop green technologies for sustainable development, Ludovic's DPhil dissertation will build on research conducted in the summer of 2019 for the UN ECLAC Mexico office, where he will be analysing the effect of FDI on employment levels in different Mexican regions. Ludovic has had previous academic research experience writing a dissertation on the barriers to innovation in Latin America, and gained in breadth of perspective by interning at the Institute of Economic Affairs and conducting research for private equity firm, Next FP, on a project to renovate the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fort des Trois TĂȘtes in the French Alps. 


Research Student (DPhil)