Jiaofeng Pan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Professor PAN Jiaofeng is President of Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), Chairman of Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies, and Fellow of World Innovation Organization (WIO).

He ever served as vice Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), as Director of Bureau of Planning and Strategy, as Director of Bureau of Development and Planning, and as Deputy Director of General office of CAS. He was formerly editor in chief of the Science & Culture Review, Deputy Director of the editorial board of the Science Focus, Deputy Director of the editorial board of the High Technology & Industrialization, a member of Committee of National Science and Technology Fund for Publication of Academic Works, vice Secretary-General of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. He was also Adjunct Professor of University of Science and Technology of China, and Adjunct Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He mainly engages in S&T strategic planning, S&T evaluation, and S&T policy research, involving all the key aspects of the S&T macro-management system, such as planning, implementation, resource allocation and evaluation. S&T strategic planning and evaluation is the front and rear end of S&T macro-management system, while S&T policy research is the essential management tool throughout the entire system. The research into the fundamental and universal theoretical Issues of the S&T strategic planning, evaluation, and policy will produce new disciplinary growth points and develop new theory and method; the research into practical and goal-oriented problems concerned by policy-maker, the scientific community and the public will contribute to identifying the bottleneck of the development of S&T as primary productive forces, which can be applied directly to the national macro decision-making and CAS policy formulation.

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