Webinars explore digital solutions for reducing the gender gap and improving healthcare access

Professor Xiaolan Fu, the Director of the Oxford Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) and Principal Investigator of the Inclusive Digital Model (IDMODEL) project, and Professor Pervez Ghauri, the IDMODEL Co-Investigator from the University of Birmingham Business School, recently participated in two webinars with policy makers and influencers in Bangladesh. The webinars aimed to discuss how digital technology can help reduce the gender gap and improve access to healthcare for marginalized communities. Prof. Fu delivered a keynote speech on the webinar on Digital Health for Marginalized Communities (13th March), while both of them shared their insights on the webinar on Minimizing Gender Gap through Leveraging Technology (16th March).

March 13_Webinar_v2Revised_March 16 webinar

The IDMODEL project investigated how digital technology can overcome the obstacles that hinder marginalized communities in low-income countries, particularly women and young people, from participating in economic activities. As part of this effort, the Haate Haat app has undergone enhancements to offer new services, such as 24/7 access to medical professionals. Additionally, the app now includes features that enable entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect and expand their business. The latest version of the app is now available for free download from the Google Play store.

Find out more about the IDMODEL Project here.