Two Publications by Professor Xiaolan Fu Address Technology and Innovation in Developing Countries

Professor Xiaolan Fu, the Founding Director of the Oxford Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), recently contributed two important publications to the fields of technology and innovation.

The essay, entitled "Will Today’s Tech Wave Drown Developing Countries?", was published by Project Syndicate. It discusses the appropriateness of digital technologies for human society, their impact on the Global South, and the possible policy responses. 

The paper, entitled "Innovation under Constraints: The Role of Open Innovation in Ghana", was published by Industry and Innovation, one of the leading journals in innovation and technology studies. This paper analyses Low-Income Country (LICs) firms’ use of open innovation (OI) in overcoming various innovation constraints. It contributes to the literature by providing the first large firm-level survey-based evidence of OI in an LICs context, and by introducing a new measure of international innovation openness. This paper is also an output from an ESRC-funded project titled "The Diffusion of Innovation in Low-Income Countries".