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TMCD research continues during the pandemic in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic caused unprecedented changes and disruptions to Universities across the world, affecting research activities. Nonetheless, TMCD devised innovative means to continue conducting research and contributing to public knowledge on key issues such as the impact of the pandemic on the global economy and the  relevance of digital technologies for developing countries, amongst others.

Please see below a list of all books, journal papers, reports, commentaries, policy brief, video and app produced by the centre in 2020.


  1. Fu, X. 2020, ‘Innovation under the radar: The nature and sources of innovation in Africa’, Cambridge University Press. Monograph.
  2. Fu, X., Chen, J. and McKern, B. (2021 forthcoming) ‘Oxford Handbook of China Innovation’ Oxford University Press. (eds. In press)
  3. Ateş Uslu, Zeynep Suda, and Emre Korkmaz (2020) Faces of Republican Turkey: Beyond the Modernization Hypothesis, Istanbul University Press. (eds)

Journal papers:

  1. Fu, X., Emes, D. and J. Hou, (2021) Multinational enterprises and structural change in developing countries: A survey of literature. International Business Review.
  2. Fu, X., Fu, M. X., Remero, C. and Pan, J. (2020) Exploring new opportunities through collaboration within and beyond sectoral systems of innovation: Evidence from China. Industry and Corporate Change
  3. Fu, X. and Ghauri, P. (2020) Trade in intangibles and global trade imbalance, World Economy
  4. Corsi, S.,  Fu,  X. & Külzer‐Sacilotto, C. (2020) Boundary Spanning Roles in Cross-border University-Industry Collaboration: the Case of Chinese Multinational Corporations, R&D Management
  5. Fu, X. (2020) Digital transformation of global value chains and sustainable post-pandemic recovery, Transnational Corporations,
  6. Fu, X.Q., Bao. Q., Xie, H.J., Fu, X.L., 2020. Diffusion of Industrial Robots and Inclusive Growth: Labour Market Evidence from Cross-Country Data. Journal of Business Research
  7. L. Shi, S. Li, X. Fu (2020) The fourth industrial revolution, Technological innovation and firm wages: Firm-level evidence from OECD economies, Revue d'économie industrielle Volume 169, Issue 1, pages 89 to 125. 
  8. Fu, X., Buckley, P. and X. M. Fu (2020) The Growth Impact of Chinese Direct Investment on Host Developing Countries, International Business Review. Vol 29, issue 2. 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2019.101658.
  9. Lema, R., X. Fu and R. Rabellotti (2020) Green windows of opportunity: latecomer development in the age of transformation toward sustainability, Industry and Corporate Change,   doi: 10.1093/icc/dtaa044   
  10. Fu, X., Zhang, J. and Wang, L. (2020) The impact of Covid-19 and post-pandemic recovery: China and the world economy, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 18 (4),
  11. Fu, X., Avenyo E. and Ghauri, P. (forthcoming) Digital platform and development: A survey of literature, Innovation and Development, 10th Anniversary Special Issue.
  12. Hou, J., Mohnen, P. and Fu, X. (forthcoming),  The Impact of China-Africa Trade on the Productivity of African Firms: Evidence from Ghana,  European Journal of Development Research.
  13. Avenyo, E.K., Tregenna, F., & Kraemer-Mbula, E. (forthcoming).  Productive capabilities and firm performance in developing countries. European Journal of Development Research.
  14. Avenyo, E.K., Francois, J.N., & Zinyemba, T.P. (2021). On gender and spatial gaps in Africa’s informal sector: Evidence from urban Ghana. Economics Letters, 109732
  15. Avenyo, E.K., Konte, M., & Mohnen, P. (2020). Product innovations and informal market competition in sub-Saharan Africa: Firm-level evidence. Journal of Evolutionary Economics (2020).
  16. Li, S., Liu, G.S. & Gregoriou, A. Do more mergers and acquisitions create value for shareholders?. Rev Quant Finan Acc (2020).

Book Chapters

  1. Fu, X., Sacilotto, C., Xiong, H. and Lin, H. (forthcoming) International innovation collaboration in Chinese firms. Book chapter with National University of Singapore Press.
  2. Korkmaz, E. (2020) Public Sphere of Immigrants: Turkish Immigrants in Germany, Transnational Press, London. (In Turkish)

Reports and Commentaries

  1. Fu, X. and Yang, Z. (2020) The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on global value chains and the policy choices for Chinese government and firms, Financial Times (Chinese version)
  2. Fu, X. (2020) How can China enhance its capability in groundbreaking innovation, Caixin Magazine (in Chinese)
  3. Korkmaz, E., Fu, X. et al. (2020) Digital Identities in Turkey. A report to Facebook.
  4. Korkmaz, E. (2020) Refugees are at risk from dystopian ‘smart border’ technology, The Conversation UK, 08/12/2020
  5. Korkmaz, E. (2020) Digital Governance Opportunities for Local Authorities in Turkey, Human Development Foundation. (In Turkish)

Policy Brief:

  1. Fu, Pervez, Xing and Avenyo, Inclusive digital model for development: Policy implications, Policy brief of IDMODEL project.  


  1. IDMODEL project APP short video


  1. IDMODEL project: Haate Haat on Google shop