A short video of the Inclusive Digital Model (IDMODEL) project

We are pleased to present a short video of the Inclusive Digital Model (IDMODEL) project - a content-based, e-commerce intervention that empowers marginalised people to create economic and social value by sharing their skills and experiences. You can watch the video here.

Through the Haate Haat app - a product developed by the project team in collaboration with the SBK Foundation- users in marginalised communities can share their goods and services online to generate income and social value. It also involves minimum capital investment as users only need a mobile phone to participate.

The funding for the project was awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Global Challenges Research Fund (ESRC- GCRF). The Principal Investigator is Professor Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology and International Development at ODID and TMCD Director. The Co-investigator is Professor Pervez Ghauri, Professor of International Business at the University of Birmingham. 

You can learn more about the project here.