New MNEmerge report released on the impact of electrification in Brazil on development goals

On 14 May 2016, MNEmerge delivered a report entitled "Methodology for data collection on studying environmental sustainability in developing economies, and the role of energy in addressing development goals.”

The report presents a mixed-method approach to data collection and discusses the impact of electrification in Brazil on development goals using the case of the Lights for All (LfA) programme in Brazil. LfA is a government initiative aiming to provide universal access to electricity.

The outcomes of the study indicated that electrification contributes to various dimensions of development, while also revealing that some people in isolated areas remained without electricity after the intervention had been running for a long period.

The MNEmerge project aims to provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the impact of multinational enterprises (MNEs) on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in developing countries using case studies, quantitative data, and policy analysis.