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TMCD SBS Joint Seminar "Innovation for Development" Part One

Seminar Room 1 at Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford

The Technology and Management Centre for Development at the Department of International Development and the Said Business School will be hosting two joint research seminars in the coming weeks - The afternoons of May 19 and June 1st.

We invite researchers currently researching topics relating to our centre’s work to present and stir discussion. These research seminars are intended to connect active researchers and students on the topics of innovation, technology and management for development. This is a chance to exchange ideas, learn and connect not just with TMCD staff, researchers and fellows but also the innovation research community at large at Oxford. These afternoons are a great opportunity to seek feedback from our peers and gain new perspective on our own work.

Light food and beverages will be provided given the lunch time start.

Convernor: Dr Shaomeng Li (TMCD Research Officer - VEST Project)

Host: Professor Xiaolan Fu (Director of TMCD, Professor of Technology and International Development)

Presentations for May 19th

  1. Marco Haenssgen (Research Associate, TMCD - Nuffield Department of Medicine) "Myths, Struggles and Freedoms: The Social Context and Implications of Mobile Phone Diffusion in India and China."
  2. Kate Roll (Research Fellows - Said School of Business) and Muhammed Meki (PhD Programme - Department of Economics) "Can equity-based asset financing out perform traditional models?"
  3. Shaheen Akter (Survey Manager, TMCD - MNEmerge Project) "The impact of multinationals and Ghanaian firms on skills and aspirations: A comparative analysis."