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OXCEP China Policy Forum

Co-organised by OXCEP & TMD Centre

with the support of St Edmund Hall and the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP)


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China’s economy and society are changing rapidly, and policies have to keep up with these changes and look ahead to future changes. The transfer of leadership in China provides an opportunity to reassess existing policies and consider new policy options. This, the first of several planned China Policy Forums, examines five highly topical policy issues: technology and industrial upgrading policies; policies for financing social programmes; policies against poverty and inequality; policies for the ageing population; and the economic causes and cures of social instability. The Oxford China Policy Forum is co-organised by Professor John Knight and Professor Xiaolan Fu.



Industrial upgrading and technology policies (Xiaolan Fu)
Policies against poverty (Li Shi)
Policies for the ageing population (Zhao Yaohui)
The economic causes and cures of social instability (John Knight)



Prof. Xiaolan Fu, Department of International Development, Oxford University
Prof. Li Shi, China Institute for the Study of Income Distribution, Beijing Normal University
Prof. Zhao Yaohui, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University
Prof. John Knight, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford University