Zaijin Wang

Zaijin Wang is an associate research fellow and the deputy director of the Department of Evaluation for Policy and Talent Programme, National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation (NCSTE), a specialized evaluation agency affiliated to Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), P. R. China. His main research fields are science, technology, innovation (STI) & public policy, STI policy evaluation, innovation performance evaluation and so on. In recent years, Dr.Wang has hosted or participated in more than 40 research projects at a national or ministerial level in the above research fields, including directing over 10 significant projects on STI Policy research and evaluation.

He has published a series of research papers in core academic journals like Science Research Management, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, and co-authored or co-edited (translated) 4 books. He and his research team have finished over 50 important evaluation or research reports, which provided important reference and basis on STI policies design, implementation and performance and regional innovation, reform and development issues for central government relevant ministries and commissions (eg. MOST, NDRC) and even higher level government's policy decision-making bodies in China.

During his time at the TMCD, his research will focus on STI & policy management, especially on STI policy evaluation, involving the evaluation’s theories, methods, tools and practice. He is the author of a monograph titled “An Evaluation Study on China’s Science,Technology and Innovation Policy: Policy’s Value Orientation, Evaluation Framework and Indexes”, which is regarded as the first systematic and professional book on STI policy evaluation in China. He has also co-authored or co-translated 6 other books in same research field.

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