Wei Wei

Dr Wei Wei holds the post of Research Officer at Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD). Wei is part of a team of researchers who are working on the Innovation and Catch Up in the Platform Economy (ICPE) Project. The ICPE project examines the key factors that drive technological innovation and catch up of the world’s leading technology companies (in the digital sector) and which are based in developing countries. The project investigates how the innovation ecosystems are developed through using digital platforms. Wei is responsible for conducting qualitative research and the daily running of the ICPE project, organising various dissemination activities such as conferences and seminars and producing research outputs and building research impact.

In February 2021, Wei was awarded a PhD in Management by the University of York. Her PhD is an international and comparative study that examines human resource management and employment relations practices in a multinational enterprise in China and the UK. In addition to PhD, she has been undertaking research in digital platform economy in China over the last few years. In March 2021, she was awarded a one-year Visiting Research Fellowship by ESRC-funded Digit Centre at the University of Sussex Business School.

Research Associate