Jianan Lu

Jianan Lu is the Research Officer for the IDMODEL project. He is responsible for the daily running of the IDMOEL project, organizing relevant conferences/seminars, and writing academic papers based on the project output.

Funded by the University of Edinburgh, Jianan is currently a PhD Candidate in Finance at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS). His PhD research focuses on social capital, culture, and financial development. He is the Doctoral Representative of the Accounting and Finance department and a well-experienced Teaching Assistant in the UEBS. His research results have been granted with Doctoral Student ETC funding and PGR funding from the University of Edinburgh multiple times.

His recent studies add to the research on the cultural explanation of wealth and poverty, with the perspective of the lingering effect of history on cross-region cultural norms of individuals, such as access to finance, anti-market culture, entrepreneurship, and risk preference.

Researcher (RO)