Jianan Lu

Jianan Lu is the Research Officer for the Inclusive Digital Model (IDMODEL) project at TMCD, ODID, University of Oxford. Funded by ESRC’s GCRF, The IDMODEL project analyses how digital technology may stimulate grassroots entrepreneurship for marginalised communities to reduce poverty, increase sustainable social values, and achieve inclusive development. Jianan has been doing the project since April 2021. He is responsible for the daily running of the IDMEL project, organising relevant conferences and seminars, and writing standard academic papers (scholarly journals, project reports, policy briefs) based on the project outputs. The most recent working paper has been accepted by Sustainability and Development Conference (SDC) 2022.

Jianan received his PhD education in the Business School, University of Edinburgh (UEBS), where he received a four-year doctoral full scholarship and served as a Teaching Assistant successively in 2018-2021. Jianan’s PhD research focuses on social capital, culture, and financial development, and he submitted the PhD thesis named “social capital and financial development” in September 2021. This study adds to the research on the cultural explanations of financial development, with the perspective of the historical events’ lingering effects on present-day’s cultural norms, such as social capital, trust, risk preference and financial cognitions.

Jianan’s research results have received multiple grants and have been presented/accepted in many world-class academic conferences. These grants and conferences include: ETC funding and PGR funding from the University of Edinburgh;  American Economic Association (AEA) annual meeting; European Economic Association (EEA) annual meeting; Financial Management Association (FMA) annual meeting, etc.


Researcher (RO)