TMCD researchers publish two working papers on the digital economy and the 'blue' economy

Researchers at TMCD have recently published two working papers.The first paper is by Jörg Mayer, a Senior Economist at the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and it is titled 'Development strategies for middle-income countries in a digital world  – impacts from trade costs, data and innovation policies'. The paper argues that digital technologies affect trade costs through various mechanisms, which apply differently to manufactures and services and determine decisions of multiproduct firms on what to produce for what market. Emphasizing big data analysis of customer preferences as an input to manufacturing, the paper finds that (i) industrialization and services-oriented development strategies are complements, rather than substitutes; (ii) data on customer preferences are an asset for developing countries; and (iii) data governance, which harnesses the increasing dependence of manufacturing on data, and innovation policies, which give greater importance to indigenous innovation, crucially augment the potential of industrialization as a development strategy in a digital era. You can download it here.

The second paper is by Dr. Syed Muntasir Mamun and is titled 'Blue Economy and the Circuitry of the Circle'. The paper articulates a definition for both Blue Economy and Circular Economy in one concentric circle and functionally links the two for a spherical strategic ideation. This paper coins the term Blue Space as a marker for both vertices in one and focuses the attention of the triad of economy, ecology and security on it. The paper analyses the potential strategic inducements for operationalizing the Blue Space in a tangible, outcome oriented and results-driven programming by using the Oxford Vantage Point of Technology-Markets-OrganisationsYou can download it here.