Prof. Fu speaks at the Technology Forum organised by The European House, Ambrosetti

Prof. Xiaolan Fu delivered a presentation on ‘innovation co-operation between EU and China in an era of exponential technological change’ at the 7th edition of the Technology Forum under the theme ‘The New Frontiers of Innovation’. The event took place on 25 May 2018. She noted that having trailed behind other countries for several centuries, China is now re-emerging onto the world stage as an important player when it comes to innovation and one of the most significant phenomenon is the science and technology take off in the past 10 years. According to her, China and the EU are seeking collaboration for global leadership in future technology. There is also co-operation for greater economic and social impact including sustainable development, energy efficiency, population aging, inequality, environment and economic growth. She concluded that the collaboration between EU and China ranges from their research institutions to the whole innovation ecosystem and includes co-operation in STI policy making and co-ordination.

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