Xiaolan Fu Leads Workshop on Technology Facilitation and Capacity Building at UN High-level Symposium

On 9 April, the UN Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) High-level Symposium, co-organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Republic of Korea, took place in Incheon, South Korea.

The event aimed to examine how development cooperation can work to support the transition to sustainable development, and thus aid the implementation of a post-2015 development agenda. It brought together governments, civil society and other actors to take an integrated approach to international development cooperation and called for a renewed global partnership to deliver on the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

The Symposium sought to address various challenges that may arise for different development cooperation partners, and examine how technology facilitation and capacity building in the realm of development cooperation could support realizing this ambitious agenda.

Professor Xiaolan Fu was invited to be the lead presenter of the Workshop “Technology facilitation and capacity building” to present the DCF policy brief on "Strengthening the role of technology facilitation and capacity building as part of a renewed global partnership for sustainable development”. She took a lead in facilitating discussions and drafting policies with a view to promoting the role of diffusion of technology and capacity building in achieving global development goals. Given the gap in technology and capacity between developed countries and their less developed counterparts, it is important for low-income countries to "catch up". The workshop explored policies that would enable this process.