Xiaolan Fu launches new monograph "China's Path to Innovation"

Professor Xiaolan Fu's new monograph "China's Path to Innovation" has been launched recently. This book investigates how China can develop a strategy of compressed development to emerge as a leading innovative nation. It draws on quantitative and qualitative research that includes cross-country, cross-province and cross-firm analysis. Large multi-level panel datasets, unique survey databases, and in-depth industry case studies are explored. Different theoretical approaches are also used to examine the motivations, obstacles and consequences of China's innovation with a wider discussion around what other countries can learn from China's experience. This book will appeal to scholars and policy-makers working in fields such as innovation policy, technology management, development and international economics and China studies.

Key features:

  • Fills a gap in the literature by providing the first comprehensive analysis of China's experience in developing technological and innovation capabilities in the past and for the future, along with a wider discussion about what other countries can learn from China's experience
  • Analysis is carried out at multi-levels, such as firm, industry, regional and national levels, and both qualitative and quantitative analysis and evidence is used - will appeal to researchers, graduate students, policymakers, and those using a multidisciplinary approach
  • Includes timely topics such as internationalisation and outward direct investment of Chinese MNEs and international innovation collaboration, as well as the role of incentives in enhancing innovations in China

To learn more, please visit www.cambridge.org/9781107046993
To see a flyer in Chinese please click here.