Qun Bao

Qun Bao is a professor at the Department of International Economics, Nankai University. His research focuses on using micro econometric methodology to identify the mechanisms of how economic opening-up promotes China’s economic economic growth and regional development, especially the role of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). He has published series of research papers in academic journals like Economic Inquiry and Review of International Economics among others. His recent research projects have investigated some topics like congested export spillover in China, China’s domestic market fragmentation, Ownership switching of JVs in China etc. He has been awarded academic honors like the Young Yangtze Scholarship (2016) and the Hongyingdong Research fellowship (2013). He was an academic visitor to University of Chicago from 2010 to 2011. He has now joined TMCD a visiting research fellow.

During his time at TMCD, his research will focus on the determinants and impacts of Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) in China. As more Chinese firms start to invest in foreign countries, he will make the case that it is important to investigate the motivations and consequences of Chinese firms OFDI. One of his recent research outputs focuses on the effects of inward FDI on the promotion of Chinese domestic firms' OFDI through both horizontal and vertical spillovers.