Past TMCD visiting fellow, Kaihua Chen receives best young scholar award.

A paper co-authored by Kaihua Chen, a past visiting fellow of TMCD, Prof. Xiaolan Fu, centre director and Yi Zang received the Best Young Scholar Award at the recent R&D Management Workshop, which took place at Tshinghua University from 14-15 April 2018.

The paper titled ‘Scientific profits from Triple Helix interactions: Evidence from Chinese Academy of Sciences’ explores whether the scientific performance of academic institutions is influenced by their Triple Helix (TH) interactions with industries and universities. The paper focused specifically on, the characteristics of bilateral and trilateral interactions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) with industries or/and universities as well as their effects on the CAS’s scientific performance. They found that the bilateral and trilateral interactions of these institutions not only directly and significantly improved the CAS’s scientific performance but also moderately enhanced the effects of research investments on the CAS’s scientific performance. The authors concluded that bilateral interactions within academic institutions exhibit a more positive and significant effect on scientific performance in both direct and indirect ways compared with the bilateral interactions between academic institutions and economic ones.