Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (JCEBS) Introduction

The Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies is a peer-reviewed journal aiming to publish current and relevant findings from cutting edge research in Chinese economic, business and related issues. More specifically, it aims:

- to provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas among people in academic, business and government professions who are interested in the Chinese economy;
- to foster and enhance research activities that advance knowledge in transition economies;
- to discuss the relevance of Chinese economic and business studies to our society.

The journal specialises in both theoretical and empirical research on the Chinese economy, business and related issues including economic theories and policies for transition economies, economic reforms in the agricultural sector, state-owned enterprises, financial and fiscal systems and management styles, R&D and technology, marketing, human resources, business strategy, business culture and ethics, foreign trade and direct investment, similar issues for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and their relevance to other parts of the world.


Xiaolan Fu
Technology and Management for Development Centre,
Department of International Development
University of Oxford
3 Mansfield Road
Oxford OX1 3TB
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1865 281800


Guy Liu - Brunel University, UK
Peter Nolan - University of Cambridge, UK
Huaichuan Rui - Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Wing Thye Woo - University of California, USA
Xinpeng Xu - Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Jinghai Zheng - University of Gothenburg, Sweden