Jiewei Li

Jiewei Li is a founding member and currently a Project Research Specialist of the Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University under the direction of Professor Justin Yifu Lin. His research interest falls in development topics related to economic transformation and industrial upgrading, with a particular focus on firm level analysis.

He has extensive experience in policy-oriented research, project management, and stakeholder engagement, having coordinated questionnaire design, data collection and field teamwork. As a research manager of the project named “Supporting Economic Transformation - Survey of Chinese manufacturing firms” in collaboration with the London-based Overseas Development Institute (ODI), he led a team of college fieldworkers to interview light manufacturing export-oriented firms located around the coastal areas of China from July to August 2017 and coauthored the report entitled “Adjusting to Rising Costs in Chinese Light Manufacturing: What Opportunities for Developing Countries?”, which was released in Beijing and London in December 2017.

To extend his studies based on prior fieldwork, he is visiting Oxford to explore production relocation and technological upgrading of heterogeneous firms in response to rising labour cost. Jiewei's research here will analyse survey data of developing countries as well as design a randomised control trail for a policy-oriented project that aims to estimate the diffusion effect of digital technology on social trust of migrants.