The processes of economic, social and political change in the poorer countries of the world are complex and multifarious. Through its ground-breaking research and world-class teaching, the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) has greatly advanced our understanding of these processes, and enriched the international debates – in academia, government and the private sector – surrounding these urgent issues. The TMCD is primarily organised into two distinct programmes which encompasses a multitude of research projects and activities.


1) Technology & industrialisation in Developing Countries Programme

Addressing themes and projects relating to the diffusiong of technology in low income countries, identifying key aspects of management activity in productivity, and finding sustainable ways to deliver public services using information technology, this programme provides a solid foundation for understanding technology and industrialisation.


2) China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme

This programme examines technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in China, especially the role of the state and government policy in promoting indigenous innovation; and international knowledge diffusion through trade, foreign direct investment and highly skilled migration and their impact on technological upgrading and competitiveness in China. This program also analyses China's role in the wold economy.