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Books and Monographs

Fu, Xiaolan (2015) China's Path to Innovation, Cambridge University Press. (Monograph)

Fu, Xiaolan (ed) (2011) China's Role in Global Economic Recovery, Routledge. Translated into Chinese and published by Yilin Press in 2012.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Luc Soete) (eds) (2010) The Rise of Technological Power in the South, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Fu, Xiaolan (with A Cosh, A Hughes, R De Hoyos, A Eisingerich) (2006) Experiences of UK Mid-corporate Companies in Emerging Asian Economies, UK Trade & Investment

Fu, Xiaolan (2004) Exports, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in China, London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan (Monograph)

Journal Articles

Fu, Xiaolan (with Jun Hou, Xiaohui Liu) (2017) 'Unpacking the relationship between outward direct investment and innovation performance: evidence from Chinese firms', World Development

Fu, Xiaolan (with Pierre Mohnen, Giacomo Zanello) (2017) 'Innovation and productivity in formal and informal firms in Ghana', Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Fu, Xiaolan (with K.Chen and M Kou) (2017) Evaluation of multi-period regional R&D efficiency: An An application of dynamic DEA to China's regional R&D systems', Omega

Fu,Xiaolan (with Lutao Ning, Dylan Sutherland) (2017) 'Local context and innovation in China' Asian Business and Management 16(3) 117-29

Fu, Xiaolan, (with Jun hou, Marco Sanfilippo) (2017) 'Highly skilled returnees and the internationalization of EMNEs: Firm level evidence from China' International Business Review 26(3) 579-91

Fu X, (with Woo WT, Hou J). (2016).‘Technological innovation policy in China: the lessons, and the necessary changes ahead’,  Economic Change and Restructuring 49(2-3):139-157

Fu, Xiaolan (with S Akter) (2016) ‘The Impact of Mobile Phone Technology on Agricultural Extension Services Delivery: Evidence from India‘, Journal of Development Studies, 2016, DOI:10.1080

Fu, Xiaolan  (with J Li)  (2016) “The value of foreign universities: international university-industry collaboration and industrial innovation in emerging economies”, International Journal of Technology Management. 2016 Vol.70, No.2/3, pp.193 - 217

Fu, Xiaolan (with S Akter) (2015) 'How can technological upgrading help LDCs integrate into GVCs?' Bridges Africa, 4(8).

Fu, Xiaolan (with G Zanello, P Mohnen, and M Ventresca) (2015) "The creation and diffusion of innvoation in developing countries: a systematic literature review", Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol. 0, No. 0, pp. 1–29.

Fu, Xiaolan (with R Mu) (2014) ‘Enhancing China’s Innovation Performance: The Policy Choices’, China & World Economy, 22 (2), 42–60.

Fu, Xiaolan (with C Auffrey) (2014) 'Chinese MNEs and managerial knowledge transfer in Africa: the case of the construction sector in Ghana', Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 13 (4)

Fu, Xiaolan (with G Shen) (2014) 'The Trade Effects of US Anti-dumping Actions against China Post-WTO Entry', The World Economy, 37(1)

Fu, Xiaolan (with F Wang, J Chen) (2014) ‘Differential Forms of Technological Change and Catch-Up: Evidence from China’, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 11 (2), DOI: 10.1142/S0219877014500138.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Xiong, Li and Chesbrough) (2014), ‘Open Innovation as a Response to Constraints and Risks: Evidence from China’, Asian Economic Papers, 13 (3).  

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Li, S Zhang, PK Wong) (2014), 'Harnessing internal and external resources for innovation in emerging economies', Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 12(2)

Fu, Xiaolan (with Zhu) (2013), ‘Drivers of export upgrading’, World Development, 2013 v51, 221-233, DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2013.05.017        

Fu, Xiaolan (2013) 'Computerisation and efficiency of rural credit cooperatives: evidence from India’, Journal of International Development, 2013, 25 (3), 412–437.

Fu, Xiaolan (with S Heffernan, M X Fu) (2013) 'Financial innovation in the UK', Applied Economics, 45 (24), 3400-3411.

Fu, Xiaolan (with R Kaplinsky, J Zhang) (2012) 'The Impact of China on Low and Middle Income Countries' Export Prices in Industrial-Country Markets', World Development, 40(8): 1483-98 (lead paper)

Fu, Xiaolan (2012) 'How Does Openness Affect the Importance of Incentives for Innovation?', Research Policy, 41 (3): 512-23

Fu, Xiaolan (2012) 'FDI and Managerial Knowledge Spillovers Through the Diffusion of Management Practices', Journal of Management Studies, 49(5): 970-99

Fu, Xiaolan (with C Helmers, J Zhang) (2012) 'The Two Faces of Foreign Management Capabilities: FDI and Productive Efficiency in the UK Retail Sector', International Business Review, 21 (1): 71-88

Fu, Xiaolan (with A Cosh, A Hughes) (2012) 'Organisation, Structure and Innovation Performance in Different Environments', Small Business Economics, v 39, no 2, 301-317.

Fu, Xiaolan (with T Li, M Fu) (2012) 'Technology Development Path in an Open Developing Economy: Evidence from China', Applied Economics45 (11), 1405-1418

Fu, Xiaolan (2011) 'Processing-trade, FDI and Exports of Indigenous Firms: Firm-level Evidence from High-technology Industries in China', Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 73 (6): 792-817

Fu, Xiaolan (with H Xiong) (2011) 'Open Innovation in China: Policies and Practices', Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China, 2(3): 196-218

Fu, Xiaolan (with Y Gong) (2011) 'Indigenous and Foreign Innovation Efforts and Drivers of Technological Upgrading', World Development, 39(7): 1213-25

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Zhang) (2011) 'Technology Transfer, Indigenous Innovation and Leapfrogging in Green Technology: Solar-PV Panel Industries in India and China', Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, 9(4): 329-47

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Li and M Johnson) (2011) 'Internal and external sources of tacit knowledge: evidence from the Chinese optical fibre and cable industry', Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 9(4)

Fu, Xiaolan (with Carlo Pietrobelli, Luc Soete) (2010) 'The Role of Foreign Technology and Indigenous Innovation in Emerging Economies: Technological Change and Catch-up', World Development, 39(7): 1203-12

Fu, Xiaolan (with Q Yang) (2009) 'Exploring the Cross Country Innovation Gap in Patenting: A Stochastic Frontier Approach', Research Policy, 38(7): 1203-13

Fu, Xiaolan (2008) 'Foreign Direct Investment, Absorptive Capacity and Regional Innovation Capabilities in China', Oxford Development Studies, 36(1): 89-110

Fu, Xiaolan (with S Zhu, M Lai) (2008) 'Spatial characteristics and dynamics of provincial total factor productivity in China', Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 6(2)

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Zhang) (2008) 'FDI and Environmental Regulations in China ', Journal of Asia Pacific Economy, 13(3): 332-53

Fu, Xiaolan (2007) 'Trade-cum-FDI, Human Capital Inequalities and Regional Disparities in China', Economic Change and Restructuring, 40(1-2): 137-55

Fu, Xiaolan (2005) 'Exports, Technical Progress and Productivity Growth in a Transition Economy: a Non-parametric Approach for China', Applied Economics, 37(7): 725-39

Fu, Xiaolan (with V N Balasubramanyam) (2005) 'Exports, Foreign Direct Investment and Employment: The Case of China', The World Economy, 28(4): 607-25

Fu, Xiaolan (2004) 'Limited Linkages from Growth Engines and Regional Disparities in China', Journal of Comparative Economics, 32(1): 148-64

Fu, Xiaolan (with VN Balasubramanyam) (2003) 'Township and Village Enterprises in China', Journal of Development Studies, 39(4): 27-46


Fu, Xiaolan (forthcoming) 'Innovations in the Informal Economy: Recent research development and areas for future research '. In Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, Erika Kraemer-Mbula (eds) The Informal Economy in Developing Nations: Hidden Engine of Innovation? - New economic insights and policies, Cambridge University Press

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Hou) (2015) (forthcoming) ‘Key Determinants of Technological Capabilities for a Green Economy in Emerging Economies’. In R Vos& D Alarcon (eds) Going Green. Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development, World Bank

Fu, Xiaolan (with D Xu) (2011) 'The Private Sector and the Sustainability of China's Export Growth'. In X Fu (ed) China's Role in the Global Economic Recovery, Routledge

Fu, Xiaolan (with R Kaplinsky, D Kale) (2011) 'Global Manufactures Prices: How Do China's Exports Compare?'. X Fu (ed) China's Role in the Global Economic Recovery, Routledge

Fu, Xiaolan (with Q Sun) (2011) 'China in the Global Economic Crisis: Impact and Adjustment'. In X Fu (ed) China's Role in the Global Economic Recovery, Routledge

Fu, Xiaolan (with L Soete, L Sonne) (2010) 'Science, Technology and Development: Emerging Concepts and Visions'. In Xiaolan Fu, Luc Soete (eds) The Rise of Technological Power in the South, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Fu, Xiaolan (with C Polzin) (2010) 'Sustainability of Technology Intensive Social Innovations: The Role of Absorptive Capacity and User Freedom of Choice'. In Xiaolan Fu, Luc Soete (eds) The Rise of Technological Power in the South, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Fu, Xiaolan (2006) 'Exports, FDI, Linkages and Regional Disparities in China'. In S Yao, J Chen (eds) Globalization, Competition and Growth in China, London: Taylor and Francis: pp 163-81


Other Publications

Fu, Xiaolan (with J Hou) (2015) “China’s direct investment in Africa” Baltic Rim Economies, March 2015, no 2.

Fu, Xiaolan (2014) 'What potential does open innovation hold for Asia', The Economist Intelligence Unit, Oct 10, 2014.

Fu, Xiaolan (2014) 'Trade, Technology and Development in LDCs, SSA and SVEs: An Assessment’, Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics, issue 104.  

Fu, Xiaolan (2013) 'Does FDI provide spoils, or does it just spoil?', China Daily, Jan 25, 2013.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Liu, S. and Li, T.) (2013) 'The determinants and impact of outward direct investment from China: evidence from Guangdong Survey'. University of Oxford, TMD Centre Working Paper no. 049.

Fu, Xiaolan (with P-O Siebers et al) (2008) 'Enhancing Productivity: The Role of Management Practices', Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Working Paper 065

Fu, Xiaolan (with M Fu, T Li) (2008) 'International and Intra-national Technology Spillovers and Technological Development Paths in Developing Countries', UNU-WIDER Research Paper No 2008/96

Fu, Xiaolan (with A Eisengerich, R De Hoyos) (2007) 'Clusters of Management Practices, Structural Embeddedness and Firm Productivity', SLPTMD Working Paper Series 008 University of Oxford

Fu, Xiaolan (2011) ‘Technology transfer for the green economy’, report to UNDESA.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Gao, Y.) (2007) ‘Export processing zones in China’, report to ILO.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Celia, H., Clegg, C., Battisti, G., et al.) (2008) ‘Understanding retail capabilities’, survey report of EPSRC funded project.

Fu, Xiaolan (with Cosh and Hughes) (2005) ‘Determinates of Innovation in small ICT companies’, Report to the i10 MAPSME II project (including web-tool design).

Fu, Xiaolan (with Cosh and Hughes) (2003) ‘Innovatability of manufacturing SMEs in the East of England: Statistical analysis and econometric modelling’, Report for the i10 MAPSME Plus project (including web-tool design).

Fu, Xiaolan (with Cosh and Hughes et al.) (2004) ‘SME growth trajectories’, Report for the Small Business Service, Department for Trade and Industry (DTI).

Fu, Xiaolan (with Cosh and Hughes et al.) (2003) 'Exploring the Middle Market’, Report for the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI).